Saturday Market & Holiday Market

Kim Still

Saturday Market & Holiday Market
Saturday Market – Saturdays at 8th & Oak, April – mid-November;
Holiday Market – Weekends at the Lane County Fairgrounds, late November – Christmas Eve 686-8885

Since 1970, Saturday Market has been providing the means for local artisans, chefs and musicians to display their talents and make their wares available to the local community for appreciation and consumption. The Market is also a vibrant and quintessentially “Eugene” meeting place and weekly celebration.

There’s a lot of energy and magic generated when people gather in a common place with the intention of having a good time and supporting each other. Being a part of setting the stage for that magic to occur on a weekly basis is very important to me. Making it possible for creative people to reap financial rewards from the fruits of their labors is also a rare and exciting task that makes me feel I’m helping to support and sustain the true uniqueness of my hometown.

Buying locally produced products directly from the local producers is the driving concept behind Saturday Market. That keeping your money in town for another few minutes makes this a better place to live is an important and underappreciated concept. How better to promote it than to band together with other locally owned, like-minded businesses? It’s also a very supportive group, it’s great to have the chance to share information and experiences.