Paul’s Bicycle Way of Life

Paul Nicholson

Bicycle Way of Life
2480 Alder St. 541-342-6155
556 Charnelton St. 541-344-4105
3870 W. 11th 541-343-2250

Paul’s Bicycle Way of Life arose from a $5 bet 25 years ago. Since hapstance diverted Paul to the bicycle business, his shops have served everyone who loves bicycles, whether for transportation, for sport, or for recreation. Paul’s offers the most complete range of services from repairs, to rentals, to sales of the widest range of bicycles.

“Though I have been in the bicycle business now for 25 years, nearly every day is still like a holiday for me. I love checking out all of the cool stuff that arrives daily. I enjoy immensely the diverse and interesting people who come to my shops as employees and as customers.

Eugene is very special. Eugeneans support their local businesses with uncommon zeal. Gertrude Stein once said of Oakland, California that “there is no there there.” Just the contrary can be said about Eugene. Everyone who comes upon us remembers Eugene as a unique and special place. I joined Unique Eugene because I wanted to celebrate our towns inimicable character, and I wanted to celebrate it with some of the people who make Eugene special.”