Passionflower Design

Jewel Murphy

Passionflower Design
128 E. Broadway

A place you want to shop for the way you want to live. Passionflower is Eugene’s premiere lifestyle store and florist shop. We carry clothing, jewelry, bedding, lots of other great stuff for your home and a full selection of flowers, orchids, and other plants. Just because we’re a small town doesn’t mean we’re small on style.

And for us, retailing is about much more than selling things. It’s about offering our community a place where we can enjoy ourselves, gift ourselves, and our loved ones and find a respite from the hectic pace of the world. We strive to create an uplifting and inspiring environment for folks of all ages.

Being a member of Unique Eugene allows us to reach out and form a broader web of community with other local retailers. To find out more about what makes Passionflower tick and about the broader community of Passionflower shoppers check out our blog The Jewel Box by clicking here.