Down To Earth Home and Garden

Rachel Klinnert

Down To Earth Home & Garden
2498 Willamette St. 541-349-0556
532 Olive St. 541-342-6820

Down to Earth was started in 1977 in Eugene, Oregon, USA. It began as a small store selling products for the home such as cookware and baskets. Today we operate two retail stores in Eugene as well as our distribution business. We sell to retail stores throughout the country.

Down to Earth sells products that we want to use in our own home. Most of our products are made from durable and recyclable or biodegradable materials such as glass, cast iron, wood and stainless steel rather than plastics and aluminum.

We believe in quality and value. Quality applies to the products we manufacture or develop, distribute and sell, our marketing and sales efforts, our people and our relationships with each other and community. We will strive to market and sell the best value products that are functional and practical in their application, and enhance the quality of life, health and well being of our customers.

The Farmers’ Union Marketplace is a collection of two buildings located at 5th & Olive street in Eugene. Our building began it’s life back in 1923 as the Lane County Farmer’s Union Cooperative. The purpose was to process grain in it’s wooden structure. The farm families built it themselves, as they would have their barns or out-buildings, with used materials and never taking out a loan to do it. They added two main additions to the building in 1932 and 1940. It has been used to process grain and sell farm supplies for over 65 years and, although the grain doesn’t rumble through the chutes anymore, it hasn’t changed much. As you wander through the store you can see the solid wood wall construction. In our furniture department (the tallest portion of the building in the middle) there are the overhead grain bins that form the ceiling of the room. Around the room are a series of wooden chutes used to empty grain into bags. By the exterior wall is still the old grain cleaning machine used to sift out waste from the grain before hoisting it into the grain bins via metal bucket elevators. The trademark of our building is the old Purina checkered logo painted atop the tallest tower of the building. It stands in stark contrast to the neighboring modern office buildings in downtown Eugene.