Eugene Backyard Farmer

Eugene Backyard FarmerEugene Backyard Farmer
501 Washington St
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The Eugene Backyard Farmer is an urban farming supply store dedicated to helping people get in touch with their own food source. We have come to believe that our food system is broken and because of the way it is structured, it may not be repairable.  It is becoming more obvious that the best way of having fresh, healthy food is to grow it yourself.

We carry veggie starts, seeds, fertilizers, and soil amendments throughout they year.  We feel that a garden can be grown most anywhere and we are happy to talk about your project.

We carry baby chicks from January through the end of August and have all the things you need to start and maintain a backyard flock.  If you need to learn about raising chickens, we have an extensive book selection and we teach classes throughout the spring.  We consider ourselves a boutique feed store and we take the time to answer questions about chicken health and well being.  We want your urban farming experience to be positive and will give you the support you need.

We have the best selection of Top Bar beekeeping equipment in town.  We feel top bar hives are a more natural approach to raising city bees and we even have a couple hives set up at the store for you to visit.  And as with the chickens, we have some great beekeeping books available as well as classes.

The benefits of starting and growing a backyard farm are great and we look forward to being your source for all you are looking for.